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The HDX3 is a scooter designed for the disabled.

It is also called “Sidecar” which allows, thanks to some technical features, to carry in complete autonomy the driver which has reduced autonomy. It is suitable for paraplegics and as well people who lost their lower limbs.


The scooter is equipped with a hybrid engine. Hyper Division created the HDX3 after a thorough market research in the specific field of sustainable mobility, providing a unique solution that solves both the problems of safe displacement and as well fun to drive.

In today two-wheeler motorized  segment there is no valid solution to help the disabled. In order to meet the needs of those who have problems of mobility; the three-wheeler scooter HDX3 was invented from Hyper Division. It is reliable three-wheeler scooter with a specific frame to accommodate a lifting platform system designed to lift the invalid driver which remains seated on his own wheel chair. The concept of this vehicle is completely Italian. It has been designed to an aesthetic perfection with technological innovation, energy efficiency and sensible to the environment by keeping down emissions. Every inch has a detail of excellence to attract the eye, a craftsman’s approach in a futuristic dimension.

The three wheeler scooter HDX3 is motorized thanks to a hybrid engine in which in one hand it is equipped with a 4-stroke engine which can be customized by providing from 50cc to 300cc engine displacement and, on the other hand, an endothermic coupling drive unit to an electric engine provided with a Li-Fe powered battery.

The most important feature is the accessible platform which is designed to be lowered horizontally to the ground level via a remote control. The handicapped driver on the wheel chair rolls on the platform up to the driving position, the wheel chair is locked tight automatically and the platform is raised electrically up to the driving position.

Once the handicap driver starts the engine and grabs the handles of the HDX3, he will feel an unparalleled sense of liberty and enjoyment. No matter where he goes, he has conquered “Freedom at Last”.


The medium can take advantage of income tax benefits and reduced VAT.
Features may vary according to the manufacturer’s requirements.
It is being tested as a vehicle equipped with optional voice control system and the possibility of driving with only one limb.


Technical specification for trike with endothermic engine 125 cm3

Rear Suspension: 2  shock absorbers and double acting, preload adjustable to 4 positions
Front brake: Disc 240 mm, double-piston floating caliper with 2 x 25.4mm.
Rear brakes: 2 Drum Ø 140 mm
Front tire: Tubeless 90/80 – 16 “
Rear tire: Tubeless 110/80-14 “
Length: 2150 mm
Width: 1370 mm
Seat height: na
Wheelbase: 1,525 mm
Fuel tank capacity: 7 liters (includes 1.5 liters reserve)
Homologation: Euro 3/4 (injection version)
Combined fuel consumption


Data sheet with electric motor:

Electric motor: Power, 6 Hp 15 Hp continuous (max)
Maximum speed: 50 km / h
Electrical system: 12V/48V
Autonomy of city driving about 50km
Capacity of the battery:
12 v 17Ah (drums services)
48v 40Ah (4x 12v 40Ah batteries traction)
Battery charger on board: 220V 48V 18 Ah 1Kw


Technical adjustment to the needs of the disabled

– Ramp for opening electric-driver with remote control.
– Reverse power.
– Parking brake.
– Automatic integration and secure the wheelchair in the vehicle.
– Seat belt with two five attacks (on request)
– Electric wheel chair limited shifts
– System height: rear floor electromechanical
– Block wheelchair with quick release fastener with four berths
– Parking brake: clutch release facilitated

The basic version uses the internal combustion engine to advance and a simple electric motor only for the reverse gear.

The all-electric version uses two electric motors with electronic differential.
the batteries will be adjusted to the required back-

All versions can recharge the batteries of a possible electric wheelchair

The wheelchair in the photo of the vehicle can ‘be different for different needs.
the measures of the vehicle can be modified

The vehicle can be equipped with advanced guidance systems for the various specific needs, such as driving with left or right hand and voice commands.
the vehicle can be equipped with radio or cellular communication systems and GPS

This vehicle has been tested and approved by the University La Sapienza di Roma and the POMOS (Pole of sustainable mobility of Cisterna di Latina)